a new year’s gift for you: 10 steps to making your dreams come true in 2014


The new year is about to knock on the door to your future and it is a wise person who greets it fully prepared.  Whether you are a firm, decisive partner in the process or not 2014 will impolitely move in and take over all aspects of your life, and move them forward in some fashion. By getting clear about how you want 2014  to look,  you have a better chance at steering its progress. Of course life doesn’t always go according to plan but there are also many occassions where life waits for us to intervene and choose what comes next. These are the times we want to be prepared with answers, guidelines, a mission staement or a plan. By taking the time to consider our options and dreams we are rewarded with a life that is custom made for us, by us. If you leave it to chance you deny yourself the opportunity to create a life of great health, happiness, joy and satisfaction. ‘Start as you want to finish’  and right here at the beginning is your fresh chance to start well.

I love new beginnings. I love mornings and Mondays and the New Year. I see them as a delicious opportunity to dream (BIG!) and create a new picture of the future but I have not always acted boldly. I spent many years just hoping that life would look after me and guide me well. I did not have the courage to intervene as often as I could have and should have in order to create the life I truly dreamed of. Too often I allowed those dreams to be intimidated into submission by rejection, setbacks, or by the lack of vision of others. I could see the stars but settled for however close I got.

I now have the skills, support and internal strength to know how to follow through, stand back up after rejection and not allow set backs to derail me . It is not always easy of course, and like everyone I have my good days and bad, but one thing that is always clearly humming along in the background these days is my own voice, my inner wisdom. It is there to guide me, and you, and I have learnt to trust it!

So if you are eager to take charge of your own life and create a more fulfilling, tailor-made version that really excites you, here are your guidelines…


  1. Give yourself some quiet alone-time to dream big. Ask yourself to imagine your own version of ultimate happiness and joy. Don’t judge, just take notes. Now let this list inform  your decisions.
  2. Spend less time listening to the noise outside – others stories, posts, opinions, achievements. These are fine in the inspiration stage but at some point you need to sit with that blank page and make your own plan. It is important to develop an ‘ear’ for your own inner  voice. If you keep reading and watching and listening to others you will be constantly bombarded with alternatives and new shiny things that will distract you from it.
  3. Don’t let the past keep punishing your future. You are the one who is perpetuating the old story. Write a new story.
  4. You don’t have to start with a complete, well formed picture. Don’t let this stop you from beginning the journey. You may just start with a feeling. Plan just the first step from there.
  5. Your own unique vision is what will help you custom design your own steps to happiness and success. Your nearest and dearest may not share your vision so it may be important to find outside support and mentoring in order to stay accountable and follow through. This may be a paid professional or a trusted friend.
  6. Don’t let fear have the loudest voice. Our comfort zone is a safe and tempting place to hang out. It is easy to be intimidated by a lack of acceptance or approval from others as they mirror our own uncertainty. Recognize that fear is at play and that strenth and resilience are developed through practice.
  7. Make happiness, purpose and living a great life  your priority. This is not a selfish pursuit. The loved ones in your life will benefit. Take everyone along for the ride by mentoring others to do the same.
  8. Life will not always make it easy. Be clear, be flexible and when you hit a dead end try a new route. Remember the saying ‘fall down ten times, get up eleven”.
  9. Make a mission statement of sorts and pin it on the wall. It may be a large painted word , an affirmation, a saying, a picture or anything that is a quick but constant reminder about your bigger goals. It will keep the overarching plan in your attention when life’s smaller issues become distracting.
  10. There may not be time to do everything and you may need to prioritise. In the same way that clutter accumulates in our homes, it also accumulates in our lives. You may need to do a clear out and take stock of time wasting activities that do nothing to feed the soul or progress your goals. Look at times of day where time is lost, wasted or unproductive. Could you make better use of this time?

I hope this leaves you feeling inspired and equipped to realise some of those dreams that have been on the backburner for too long. May you take charge of your happiness and create the fantastic life you deserve. Life change happens one step at a time. The first is always the intention to change. Start there and then keep going. You can do it.

Here’s to a fabulous year ahead.



  1. says

    What a beautiful article Michelle. So much inspiration for my soul. Thank you, and may 2014 sparkle brilliantly for you. X.

  2. says

    Fantastic, comprehensive post Michelle, all we need to live our best and truest lives. I love no. 2. we spend so much time looking towards others, resulting in unfavorable comparisons, which keeps us stuck, rather than finding our own innate wisdom and insights and acting on that. I think most of us are guilty of that and its on my list to reduce even further.

    Love no.3 also, we tend to do that a lot 🙂 Its vital to learn our lessons and move the hell on, fresh and open for the present moment. I love them all actually but decluttering our lives with time wasting and often hindering activities is a must also, for me!

    Thanks so much, I’ve yet to spend some time setting my intentions for 2014 so this will be extremely helpful <3

    • thelivewellplayground says

      Thank you Caroline. We all have sticking points and setting intentions is a great way of dragging them out of the dark for closer inspection. Enjoy the worthwhile process of identifying what to change, add, eliminate and acknowledge in order to make 2014 a fantastic year. May it be your best ever.

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