the road to feeling (anxiety) free

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When the mind experiences stillness it also experiences spaciousness. Like a blank canvas there is potential and possibility that cannot exist when it is already full.

Thoughts normally spin around in our minds at break-neck speed. They come fast and furious and there is barely even time to recognise where one ends and the next begins, let alone time to process them all.  When we meditate we still the body and focus our mind and individual thoughts come into sharper focus. They start to slow down enough that we can start to separate this mental noise from the quiet that exists in the background. On a good day we may even find that the stretches of time between thoughts expand, and we begin to experience longer stretches of (relative) silence. When this happens the balance of power shifts. The ‘quiet’ that previously provided a backdrop to the thoughts now begins to feature more prominently and starts to take a seat up in the front row.

With longer stretches of silence between our thoughts we gain a sense of more space, and with this comes freedom.


  1. Our mind is less cramped with thoughts.
  2. Our mind is not being dragged around trying to follow the constant flow of changing thoughts.

Freedom can only be found when the mind is unburdened by these restrictions.

By settling the mind the quiet stretches between the thoughts become longer and we are creating an environment of stillness and spaciousness. As with a blank canvas there is potential and possibility that cannot exist when it is already full. A blank canvas holds the potential for new, fresh marks to be made and is free of old conditioning. When our mind is spacious it too becomes open to new possibilities.  We may discover new pathways, new ideas and new solutions. 

Discover the road to freedom for yourself.  Clear some space in your mind on a regular basis-

  • meditate –  to actively quiet the mind
  • practice mindfulness – to create discipline of single-pointed focus
  • do one activity at a time – to reduce overstimulation of the mind
  • carry out a regular breathing practice – to calm the nervous system and give mental clarity

How do you maintain a sense of freedom in your own life? Let me know your thoughts.



  1. says

    Love this explanation of meditation Michelle, so true, allowing quiet to become the foreground and not the background and yes we sure do need a blank canvas to experience our full range of potentiality.

    I try to be mindful in general but it can get overpowered quite easily so I’ve set triggers for being mindful in certain moments such as showering, driving, waiting in queues etc. and this does help me build up a better practice. I like you suggestion to do one thing at a time, guilty as charged with overstimulation for sure!

    I maintain a sense of freedom by reminding myself that all is exactly as it should be, that I’m doing the best I can and in the grand scheme of things, nothing really matters once I remain connected.. and i do that through breath, meditation and just intent.


    • thelivewellplayground says

      We all need measures in place and I love yours Caroline.
      I think we are all fighting the uphill battle together when it comes to reducing stimulation and slowing down. It is indeed a slippery slope.

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