I have loved working with Michelle. She has had a huge positive impact on my life. She is a wonderful teacher and I have much respect for her. She is always so supportive and never once lost focus of what we were trying to achieve. My energy levels have increased dramatically as well as my well-being and overall outlook in life. She is supportive, approachable, encouraging, kind, dedicated, enthusiastic, friendly, honest and authentic.
My sessions with Michelle were also a great release mentally and brought everything in my life into perspective. I am much happier and more confident than I was before I started working with Michelle. I definitely owe that change to her. She is an amazing coach, trainer and teacher.

– Charlotte B.

Michelle is an outstanding personal trainer who goes above and beyond to support you in your journey to improved health. She is not only fluent in traditional exercise methods but she also brings to her sessions: advanced yoga training, nutritional wisdom and emotional intelligence. Where so many others are flogging a ‘hard core’ approach to training, aimed at losing 20 kilos in 20 days, Michelle offers a smarter, more sustainable approach, ensuring its the journey not the destination alone that is important. 

– Amy 

Michelle is a truly beautiful person inside and out. She listens and remembers what you have said and has a wonderful sense of humour which I have found invaluable when trying to overcome some of my physical and mental hurdles. She is articulate in every aspect of her health regime be it body, mind or soul. Michelle is a genuinely caring person who will go above and beyond and out of her way to help solve any issue that might hinder your growth. She has an innate ability to adapt to any person and get fantastic results in all aspects of healthy living. Michelle is  a truly caring and dedicated health professional. She amazes me with her constant thirst for knowledge of which we are all major benefactors.
Michelle is a delightful person that makes hard work pleasurable.

Sue H.

Michelle is supportive, professional and always wise. She has boosted my commitment to staying fit and healthy. I have been able to go on lengthy walking trips without any pain in my hips and back and I have lost weight. Her recipes are always good too!

Annette A.