I love diaries. When I was a teen I loved to put stickers on my friend’s birthdays, tick off my homework with a sense of satisfaction, and I loved the scruffiness created by the bits and pieces that I shoved in there as mementos. Once I had finished school I would carefully spend hours searching for and pouring over these little books that would become my time capsules. Now, I disappoint myself by using the same diary every year. It is a practical choice that wins out over my aesthetic lusting. My relationship with my diary is a close one. It is never far from reach and it is privy to all the goings of my personal and professional life BUT…THIS WEEK OUR RELATIONSHIP CHANGED!
I have always diligently used those little time slots to schedule clients, meetings and appointments, and I always thought that those lines on the other side of the page, and there are many, were there to cram in everything else. The list of everything I ever wanted to achieve that day, week, year and lifetime. That sizeable list, whose intimidating demands were greater than my available time, would glare back at me with disappointment for the whole week until I could finally turn the page.
Well, this week I changed the layout of my life just by changing the layout of my diary pages.
I began to actually work out how long a task would take to complete and then slotted that realistic time frame into the little time slots. The result? I get everything on my list done (phew). Who would have thought being realistic could be so productive and so much less stressful. This is what they must mean by organised. I always worked on the premise that you just do as much as you are impossibly incapable of. Isn’t that what all mother’s do?
It now means I am prioritising what is important (a healthy exercise in itself) and whilst all my available time is accounted for, I also get to plan for and schedule in some ‘me’ time, and get it. Thanks diary for sharing what you have secretly known all along.
What are your strategies for coping at this time of year?