It gets toward the end of the year and I feel the need to get rid of stuff. I feel stressed when I receive gifts at this time of year, or any other, and there is no space for them. I already feel as though I own too much stuff, so being given more when there is already an excess feels overwhelming.
In light of this seasonally onset stress, I long ago created a ritual in our house. Before being generously endowed with an abundance of new treasures at this time of year, we must take the time to sort through and get rid of some of our old stuff. I think it is a good habit to get into, to learn to part with things that are no longer serving us (and for the kids to literally make some space for family generosity).
So with an urge to rid the house of some dead weight I began the long overdue task of culling the contents of my filing cabinet. It is not that I am making space for gifts that resemble old college assignments or overdue notices, it is more that throwing out an electricity bill from 1997 (yep!) is a less emotional decision then deciding if I could part with the baby clothes yet.
Oh how wrong I was! Those hanging files contained gems off all sorts. I was pleased to find my passport, which was filed with my astrological chart (no joke), but as I tried to part with outdated resumes and old choreographic notes I was flooded with memories of people and events that I hadn’t remembered in years. These documents were littered with emotional debris that jumped ship before entering the bin and clung to me tightly.
I am determined to finish the job I have started, but one job always seems to create another. My next cull is decidedly more challenging. I will need lots of space and lots of time. Once I have managed to clear a space on the floor for a meditation cushion I will begin the job of de-cluttering my mind.