self care

Making time to give to ourselves is such an important part of our overall wellbeing. The intention and commitment to self-care can be as nourishing as the actions themselves. For most of us this time of year sees an abundance of giving. It brings so much joy to shower our friends and loved ones with uninterrupted time, pressies, meals, etc. and it is often the self-gifting (my term) that gets side lined to prioritise others. I know for me to feel at my best and most vibrant some practices are a must.
Here are 3 suggestions from my current list that I invite you to join me in practicing:
1. Mindfulness – my preference is to sit with my eyes closed for 20mins before conversing out loud but school holidays can mean that the day gets under way before I have time. On these days I make a point of acting mindfully at some time during the day i.e. attempting to keep my full attention on an activity that I am engaged in such as hanging washing, eating a meal or having a conversation.
2. Exercising every day – I love walking in nature to get my visual dose of greens. I am blessed to be near creeks and parklands but just being out in the wider world can do the trick.
3. Experimenting with new meals – Food is an essential ingredient when it comes to feeling great and you know what they say, a change is as good as a holiday. I am head chef in our family, not necessarily by choice, although I do love nurturing and supporting my family’s health and wellbeing through our food, and I consider myself lucky that my efforts are welcomed and appreciated. Having the time and space to get creative with new ingredients and recipes at this time of year reinvigorates our meal times with excitement and surprise. (It also means that when life steps back into full swing the reperoire has been refreshed and extended. I find it easier to prepare a well rehearsed meal at the end of a tiring day than find the energy to get creative).
These are my self-gifts. Perhaps they inspire you to find time for your own self-gifting. I would love to hear what is working for you at the moment and I too will keep you posted.