daily-yoga-and-smoothie by Michelle Seelig
In the lead up to this year much of my focus was on putting things in place to get some major projects moving. I am someone who is highly prone to grand visions and ambitious plans. I love to let my imagination dance amongst possibilities and often allow the space for my creative ideas to flow uninterrupted. It is from these wild imaginings that goals naturally arise and ultimately then serve to provide direction in my life. I find it a valuable process.

I really love allowing myself to dream big…. but I actually enjoy living small. Very small in fact. Very simply. My real life takes place in the small details not in the bigger, outwardly visible achievements. It is the small things I do that lead to my deeper happiness and true sense of success and the time has now come for me to reclaim these details and get back to basics.

Small daily rituals are the real building blocks of our lives. These basic activities and tasks nourish our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. How I start my day, what I feed my body, the amount and quality of movement my body experiences etc. are all important contributors to my sense of happiness and wellbeing. When I set up rituals that address these requirements it means I don’t have to consciously rethink it and plan for it all anew every day and keep reinventing the wheel. It becomes automatic. By having a routine that includes sitting together as a family at meal times there is a ‘built-in’ opportunity to connect daily, or by making a smoothie in the mornings I have taken care of many of my nutritional needs by breakfast. The routine also helps us avoid constantly facing the question “will I or won’t I today”, as so often happens with early morning exercise when more sleep is tempting, and thus helps us achieve our higher personal goals.

These small daily tasks, that individually don’t take up much time or head space once in place, all add up to creating a better life and are well worth the investment. It really is the little things that count.