brave 3 (sml)

This is a project that has been in the making for quite a while and the time has come for me to finally spill the beans. So, after much planning and perfecting I am so excited to invite you to……

The Playground Add-Venture series

Come on a playdate with me and I promise to be the perfect playmate. During this series of workshops we will be venturing to new and wonderful places together that will add richness and insight to your life. This is an invitation to spend time together playing and exploring in ways you never have before.

During this first Playground Add-Venture we will be visiting  BRAVERY and COURAGE and exploring their offerings.

This Add-Venture will be like no other. It will nurture you through yoga, empower you through art making, support you within a gorgeous community of like-minded people and guide you step-by-step through courageous moves that will bring (much) more joy and happiness to your life. We will celebrate your dreams, release your fears, leave you feeling strong, clear and inspired.


  • you have dreams and goals and don’t know how to make them your reality
  • you know you could be happier, healthier and more fulfilled but don’t know how to get there
  • that anxious feeling keeps you feeling stuck
  • you know something is missing but can’t identify what
  • you have been wanting to dive into something but have been scared to take the first step


If you are tired of fear sitting in the driver’s seat, get out of your car now and jump on this bus with me. It’s heading for the Playground and we are going on an Add-Venture.

The good news is you dont need any previous yoga or creative experience to be a part of this workshop. You also don’t need to be completely clear about what brave or courageous moves you would like to make or how they could help you. You do however need to bring a sense of curiosity and a willingness to explore new terrain.

DATE:               Saturday February 22nd

TIME:                1 –  5pm (ish)

WHERE:           Sprout Studios – 123 Auburn Rd. Hawthorn VIC

COST:               $70 (includes yoga session, all art materials and delicious, nutritious refreshments – of course)

Taking steps toward change requires courage, and the first step can be the most challenging. Sign up, jump on board and make this today’s commitment to being brave and creating a better life.

I can’t wait to see you there.