big dreams

This time of year offers up a precious space that needs to be embraced before it slips away. Your regular day job has wrapped up for the year, you have closed up shop or the kids are off school so the routine has eased up, and you now have some space to breathe, reflect and most importantly here…dream.

The holiday season is our opportunity to recover from the busyness, reflect on the year gone by, and build energy and vision for the year almost upon us.

Being with my beautiful family and friends at this time of year helps me clarify my values and perspectives and I always emerge brimming with inspiration. Reconnecting with what holds meaning for you is key to establishing a more centred starting point from which to plan the year and base your goals, dreams and decisions.

Whilst I am with the people I love, respect and trust the most I have conversations about the year to come and our future dreams and desires. We also do it consciously as a family as a New Year ritual. These conversations, coupled with time to read, see art, watch movies and be inspired more broadly, help to form the fantasies that shape the dreams that become the more tangible goals. I also like to take time to reflect – so I journal and draw and this helps me to unselfconsciously get in touch with my most honest thoughts and feelings and my quieter voice that can get drowned out in the day-to-day noise.

From the time I was a teenager I would make time to get quiet on New Year’s Eve and write resolutions in my journal.  These were essentially a list of wishes of how I wanted my life to look.  It really just resembled a process of finding fault with my life and myself and trying to create an alternative picture.

I thought I just needed more discipline to make the changes that would bring me happiness.  This is not the way to set dreams into motion.

This process is about so much more than finding new ways to commit to resolutions. This is about re-evaluating your life. It’s about creating a life that is tailored to fit you better.  It’s about listening into what makes your heart sing and what your soul desires and letting that shape all aspects of your life – relationships, income, health, etc. It is only when your goals truly reflect your values, loves, dreams and deep passions that you can begin to create a life that has a positive, sustainable sense of purpose.

This is the point at which I pull out my coloured pencils and begin to draw up my plans. I take much pleasure in creating colourful little wheels in a dedicated journal that help me map my projects throughout the year.

It feels so much better to begin my year moving toward being happy, content and vibrant rather than away from shame, fear and self-criticism.

Here’s to a wonderful year ahead,