NyahJan 2015 029

A fresh start? Hello new year.

A clear head? Shhh.

A blank page? You must have a journal handy.

You now have everything you need to start compiling your Master list.

It is now time to focus in on details. After using the techniques discussed in this earlier post to identify your dreams and goals, you are now ready to set them in motion.

It is time to let your imagination creep into every little corner and crevice of your life, let your blind-eye open wide, let that nagging voice of your subconscious come out to play, and allow yourself to ponder what a more fulfilled version of your life would look and feel like.

Creating a list of things that you would love to achieve over the course of the coming year is like a personal inspiration bucket that you can dip into whenever you feel you need to realign your actions with your higher purpose.  I love this Master list to be big and long (80 – 100 items) and I really go to town imagining each and every tiny thing I would love to do over the year. I focus on the various aspects of my life – relationships, spirituality, health, career, home, etc. for inspiration. I include everything from house repairs to activities that help me connect with my children, and so much more in between.

I also find that my list is helpful on those days when I feel lost or lacklustre. I can skim the items and pick something that feels manageable and know that despite my head-space I will have  done something positive toward bettering my home, health, relationships, community, etc.

After all, one small (but meaningful) task completed after another add up to a great year.

This is how projects get completed and how dreams come to life.

I am always inspired by the dreams and aspirations of others, so here are mine, in the hope that you too will feel inspired.

 Here are a few of my 2015 highlights…

In no particular order:

  1. Hold a market stall to raise money for my friend in need
  2. Donate clothes to a women’s shelter
  3. Watch 5 classic movies I have never seen
  4. Help out the art teacher weekly for a term
  5. Attend 15 school assemblies
  6. Frame children’s art work
  7. Keep a diary exclusively for recording anecdotes from my children’s lives
  8. Set up 5 babysitting nights for my sister
  9. 7 days of no complaining
  10. Attend 3 writers talks
  11. Read Anne Of Green Gables to my girls
  12. Sell something on ebay
  13. Declutter studio
  14. Read 3 inspiring biographies
  15. Fix camera
  16. Make jam
  17. Make a wishing tree
  18. Put holiday photos into albums (with labels)
  19. Try a ‘Journey’ session
  20. Invite a stranger to dinner
  21. Have a play date with each of my children on a school day
  22. Complete 20 artworks for my drawing project
  23. Have 6+ massages
  24. A weekend away with a girlfriend
  25. Spend an entire day at Heide (Museum Of Modern Art) alone
  26. Attend 3 movement (dance/yoga/exercise) classes I have never tried
  27. Create street art with a difference in the neighbourhood
  28. Hold an event at home for no reason
  29. Finish kids 2014 folios
  30. Family sleepover

I hope you’ll add some of your own highlights in the comments below and help to keep the inspiration flowing.