As we move toward the end of this tumultuous year and before the next has arrived, it’s a potent time of transition. This is a time when we typically take stock. Reassessing and re-evaluating what has gone before. In the same way that this time of year traditionally sees us returning home to be with family, it’s the perfect time to come home to ourselves. 

A constant theme in my classes and my personal practice this year has been how to find refuge in the storm that was 2020. How to find a way to be with what is happening without feeling anxious, lost, or angry. Without losing our sense of balance and equanimity.  Without an external place to escape to this year we have had to find or create stability inside ourselves. We have been called upon to apply some wisdom and self-compassion to the way we interact with the world, the news and each other so as to create a calm, safe space inside ourselves that we can retreat to. To come home to ourselves. 

If this year has taught us anything it is to be adaptive, to be resilient and flexible, and to be prepared to adjust to change. It forced us to discover and tap into different internal and external resources. So as we move into the new year, into 2021, we need to take this learning with us. When we contemplate setting goals or aspirations for 2021 I invite you to tap into a very different place within. A place that does not depend on what is happening in the world around us. We need to be steered from a much more stable place. We need to go within to look for direction.

It’s important to create space to reflect on where you’ve been this year in order to move forward in a way that is more conscious, more aware, more awake.

This is an opportunity to make conscious decisions about how you want to show up in the coming year, how you want to develop and grow. What will your personal evolution look like? What path will you take? How will this impact the collective evolution of both your unique community and our entire global community? Your choices and actions matter. They impact the way you move in the world and have a ripple effect. We have learnt this year, more than any other, that we are global citizens, and we have a responsibility to our entire planet. Taking time to set intentions from our highest good, our best selves is an act of kindness and compassion for all.

New year meditation practice

The following 20 minute meditation begins with a practice that helps to quiet the mind and find stillness.  We will then focus our attention on a contemplation, using our deepest wisdom and true knowing to create a clear vision for the year ahead.  Join me as we clear the path for your inner voice to be heard, guiding your intentions from a very different place this coming year.