Why Midlife Women Are Feeling Anxious.
Midlife and menopause can make for a challenging period in many women’s lives. With fluctuating hormones, mood swings, and levels of stress and anxiety rising as we question what we want from life, it’s no wonder women are finding themselves stuck in a rut.
During this conversation with Andrea Duvall, editor at Prevention Magazine, we discuss why you might be feeling stuck and  where you can find solutions.

In this episode I share strategies to help help you clear the path, rediscover joy, and live a life you truly love.

Thank you Prevention Magazine Australia for having me on the Thriving In Menopause podcast to talk about the challenges women face at midlife, and how to move past them.

Listen to the full episode for tips on how to identify what’s not working, the questions to ask yourself to gain clarity and simple strategies for rediscovering your sense of purpose and fulfilment.


Now may feel like your chance to adjust your course in order to live the meaningful, satisfying, healthy life you dream of.  It’s important to be thoughtful about the changes you’d like to make and to implement them slowly. You need to feel you have the internal and external resources available to support you through times of major change.

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