About Michelle Seelig

Hi, I’m Michelle.

Health enthusiast, perfectly flawed mama, messy artist, passionate teacher, experienced fitness trainer and super understanding coach.

I’m all about sharing my knowledge in a quest to help others find the energy and inspiration they need to pursue the life they deserve – one of meaningful connection, peace of mind and a healthy relationship with their bodies.

Michelle Portrait with Dog

Here’s one part of my story

I grew up in Melbourne, Australia in a healthy, vegetarian household. My mother was a firm believer in naturopathy and nutritional medicine. My grandmother was a  yogi, and I have always loved all things health. Just what you expected?

It’s all true but there’s so much more to this picture.

There are lots of dimensions to all of us. We are full of contradictions and flaws, and I believe this is what makes us interesting and three- dimensional human beings.

I am all about sharing the real parts of me and learning about the real parts of you – the imperfections, the fears, the dreams and the stories behind the glossy instagram filters. I create space for the ‘whole’ of you.

And here is a little snapshot into some other parts of my story….

  • I got into yoga and meditation in my late teens because my life was falling apart and nothing else I tried was helping me put it back together. When I was 19 I followed my guru to India and guess what? I found a part of myself that I had never met before and she knew how to make me happy.
  • I started working in the fitness industry because work as a dancer/choreographer was so much fun, but didn’t pay the bills.
  • I taught 15 aerobic classes a week when I started out and I was often sore and tired and sick of needing to shower so many times a day.
  • I love all things health related and I am also a creative being, so I undertook my Masters in Art Therapy to understand the relationship between creativity and wellbeing. (Fascinating by the way! I often use therapeutic art as a tool in my workshops.)
  • I learnt about self-care the hard way.  I ran a successful design business that saw me burnt out and stressed out of my head. I was living on 4 hours of sleep a night, juggling business appointments between classes and clients and I had to constantly change ‘costumes’ in the car.
  • I love to eat clean, organic whole foods and moving my body every single day but my experience has taught me that there is so much more to health than just diet and exercise.

Early on in my own journey I was trying to change the external variables of my lifestyle (food, exercise, work, relationships, etc) in order to create the change I was looking for, and find happiness and harmony in my life.

What I didn’t yet appreciate was the relationship between what I was thinking/perceiving  and the impact it had on my mental and physical health.

So the part of the health picture that I was missing was that wellbeing is highly influenced by our mindset and our attitude (toward ourselves and others). There is a mind/body connection that affects our physiology. Our immune system, hormonal system and nervous system are all responding to the stress in our lives and in our bodies. Makes sense right?

So after a steep learning curve of my own, with lots of trial and error, I have come to a deep, truly holistic understanding of what it takes to get happy and the steps we need to get healthy, and my mission is to spread the word.

I believe that with clear guidance, whole-hearted support and consistent practice we can all wake up to the unhealthy thoughts and behaviours that keep us stuck, and create a life of optimal wellbeing.

Life is messy. We all have messy bits. It’s not uncommon to lose our way and I hope that sharing some of my story shows you that I am no exception. All of our stories are nuanced and individual and each of our paths is different. If you need help finding your way back to health and happiness please feel free to get in touch.

Michelle holds a Bachelor of Education (double majors in Dance and Media Studies) and a Masters degree in Art Therapy. She is a certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach and Level 2 Yoga and Meditation teacher and she is currently undertaking a Grad Dip in Counselling.