About The Livewell Playground


The Livewell Playground was founded by Michelle Seelig in 2012 as a space to support and guide you in creating the best possible version of your own life. It is a space for adults, children and teens to experience positive change, improved wellbeing and a greater sense of happiness.

Here at The Livewell Playground we take a holistic approach to health and wellness. We use evidence-based interventions to address all aspects of your life to bring about the changes you are looking for. Our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing are influenced by many aspects of our life. Through a careful understanding of your environment, lifestyle and circumstances Michelle will help to devise an individually tailored plan that will see you overcome obstacles and achieve your personal goals.

As a client of The Livewell Playground you will receive all the necessary support and guidance to transform your lifestyle and ultimately achieve a healthy, calm and connected way of living. Michelle enjoys spending quality time guiding her clients through their lifestyle journey and will work with you to achieve optimal well-being. She has the tools and experience to help you minimise stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, optimise energy levels, increase flexibility, build strength, and improve posture.

Through an integrative approach that combines coaching interventions, counselling insights, positive psychology tools, mindfulness meditation and yoga principles you will experience ongoing positive change and achieve a brand new level of happiness.

Michelle is currently seeing all private clients in Melbourne, interstate and internationally via Zoom.