Mindfulness Courses

Guided Meditation For Relaxation Class

When?  Monday evenings from 7.30pm – 8.15pm AEST (45mins)

What?  These 45 minute sessions are for everyone, and are intended to help you carve out a nurturing space, to get you away from the internal and external noise, and find some peace and quiet. This class combines guided meditation and lying restorative practices.  If you are in need of a calming influence, some relaxation or need to settle a racing mind…this is the class for you.

Where? Online via Zoom.

Cost? $15

How do I book? Fill out the form below and you will be forwarded payment details and the zoom link.

Mindfulness Meditation For Stress And Anxiety Class

When?  Friday mornings from 9.30am -10.30am AEST (1hr) 

What? These 1 hour sessions offer practical tools and techniques to help manage stress, reduce anxiety and stay connected and grounded. In this class you will learn meditation methods that will help you establish or deepen your experience of meditation. During each class we will discuss and explore various aspects of mindfulness, stress, and anxiety, work with the breath to help calm the nervous system and learn mindfulness meditation practices.  The class is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Where? Online via Zoom.

Cost? $20

How do I book? Fill out the form below and you will be forwarded payment details and the zoom link

All classes take a holistic, evidence-based approach, integrating mind-body interventions, yogic philosophy, meditation and pranayama breath control. These sessions are conducted in a safe, inclusive, supportive and caring environment.

Mindfulness and Self Compassion Course.

Put your name on the waitlist to be notified of next course intake ( October 2021).

Join me on a 4 week journey inward as we learn to cultivate mindfulness, foster self-compassion and live intentionally.
These classes are suitable for those new to meditation and those experienced meditators who are looking to explore and fine-tune their meditation practice. 

Come and learn evidence-based practices that will help you break cycles of anxiety, stress and exhaustion. Develop a sense of inner peace and calm, find more resilience, and restore balance and well-being by learning how to ‘come home to yourself’, with kindness and compassion.

This four-week course will allow you to explore and refine your meditation practice in an safe, interactive environment. Under the guidance of an experienced teacher you will receive personalised, practical tools that will allow you to practice newly discovered techniques with confidence in your home practice.

When:                     Fridays 11.00am – 12:30 am AEDT

Where:                   Online, via Zoom

Who is it for?

Everyone welcome .

  • Beginners & experienced practitioners
  • Those suffering from stress, anxiety, frustration and/or self-criticism
  • Those who have disturbed sleep and a ruminating mind
  • Anyone who needs some clear, calm guidance in their meditation practice
  • Those  feeling the strain of current circumstances and need to recover a sense of wellbeing and positivity
  • Anyone needing a boost in compassion, focus, empathy, patience and energy

SO if you need to attend to yourself a bit more, are missing a sense of community, could do with a calming influence, or need to settle a racing mind…come join us.

How do I join?

We meet online via Zoom.

About Your Teacher

Michelle Seelig is a Mind Body Practitioner who uses evidence-based practices to support your mental health and physical wellbeing. She holds a Masters Degree in Art Therapy, a Graduate Certificate in Counselling, and a Bachelor of Education in Dance. She is an experienced Mindfulness Meditation Teacher registered with the Meditation Association of Australia, a Level 2 Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Australia, and a registered Wellness Coach. Her group classes and private sessions take a very holistic approach, integrating mind-body interventions, yogic philosophy, meditation and pranayama breath control.

“My life continues to be enriched through my own personal yoga and meditation practice. I strive to pass on its rewards by making the practice accessible, enjoyable and rewarding for everyone. There are no barriers to embarking on this path. Everyone can learn to meditate.”

These sessions are conducted in a safe, inclusive, supportive and caring environment.

“I have benefited greatly from Michelle’s in-depth knowledge and gentle instruction. My practice is developing with each session and I love the peace and centredness I experience afterwards. These classes are a real gift.”

Terry S.

 “I loved these classes. I am now so much more aware of my body, feelings and emotions. Life and my thought patterns are making much more sense. I have learnt how to provide some peace and empathy for myself. I really loved the educational slides and explanations. Thanks Michelle.”

Sharon L.

I could not recommend this more highly. Michelle’s expertise, care and empathy combine to provide thoughtful, finely balanced guidance. She executes a perfect balance between imparting knowledge, sharing experience and gentle encouragement.  I am so glad I participated despite this pressured time.

Brett K.

Private Online Yoga and Mindfulness Classes


Michelle offers private ONLINE yoga and mindfulness classes. 

These online classes are designed to support you at this time, when we are being called to stay steady in the face of change and uncertainty, face increased levels of anxiety, build resilience and update our priorities.  


  • connect to some inner peace and calm
  • learn practices that are based in the most up-to-date science
  • receive step-by-step guidance
  • find ways to manage sleep ad stress

Work with Michelle one-on-one OR  gather a group of friendsa group of kids, teens, or siblings who could do with some yoga or anxiety management or come together as a family for a group experience and meet online together for a class.

Michelle uses evidence-based practices  to help you move well, improve mood, calm the nervous system, improve concentration and sleep. No previous yoga or meditation experience is necessary.

All classes are tailored to your individual needs. 

Receive this FREE 5-day Introduction To Meditation course and monthly inspiration to support your journey…

Learn to meditate with ease and experience profound healing on the body, mind and spirit. You will receive 5 days of clear, step-by-step instructions and recordings and begin to see the transformation for yourself.