Midlife Transition Coaching

Midlife is a time when many women experience a crossroad or ‘turning point’ in their life. You may feel excited or liberated by a sense of possibility, whilst at the same time frightened by the uncertainty of what lies ahead. You may feel you need to shape your life differently but are not sure which path to take. 

You may feel called to consciously consider where you are in your life, reflect on how far you have come as well as acknowledge the things you still want to achieve. It presents an opportunity to make positive changes that will help you move forward in a way that brings more meaning, purpose and joy to your life.

Even at our best we all have blind spots that prevent us from seeing the whole picture of our lives – the thoughts, habits and behaviours that hinder our growth. This makes it difficult to do this work on our own, and the support, kindness and strategic guidance of someone who’s in your corner can be helpful.


Midlife Transition Coaching will help you to:

  • Recognise your potential and unlock your personal strengths and resources
  • Work out what really matters to you in order to gain clarity and direction
  • Create a life that is shaped by your own vision of happiness and wellbeing
  • Identify what it is you want to do with the next phase of your life
  • Address actions, behaviours, and habits that are no longer serving you or that are holding you back
  • Feel inspired and supported in creating action and achieving positive change

Stepping out of the familiar can feel overwhelming when faced alone. Work with me to get set up for an empowering and exciting new chapter.


Who I work with.


I work with clients who are facing midlife challenges that may include:

  • Questioning life choices and values
  • Experiencing high levels of anxiety
  • Feeling stuck in a rut and believing nothing will change
  • Dissatisfied with your work or career
  • Struggling with your relationship
  • Getting back on your feet after divorce or adjusting to separation
  • Concerned about your health, fluctuating moods and physical changes
  • Holding fears about growing older
  • Regretful about goals not yet achieved
  • Recovering from serious illness and contemplation of your own mortality


How I work.


I specialise in mid-life transition coaching and counselling for women. I work closely alongside you, like your personal cheerleader who sees you deeply, supports you, and  brings out the best in you. I can help you uncover what isn’t working, address what may be causing anxiety and dissatisfaction and work with you to realise the bigger dreams you have for yourself and your life.

I take a unique, collaborative approach that integrates strength-based coaching, counselling modalities, positive psychology and mindfulness tools. I work in a client-centred way and I provide a safe, nurturing space for support, clarity, reflection and change.

I am here to help you feel empowered and energised to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life. 

 Let’s get started…

Step 1


  • This is a no cost, 15 minute introduction.

  • We get a bit clearer about what’s not working and how you really want your life to look and feel. 

  • This is an opportunity to connect, answer any questions and see if what you need and the way that I work feels like a good fit.

 Step 2


You will then be emailed details to:

 Step 3


  •  Book your next session 

  • It is during these sessions that we work collaboratively to understand the barriers to creating change and develop new practices so you can reach your desired goals.
  • I offer support, guidance and commitment along with the tools that help unlock your fullest potential and achieve what it is you’re looking for.