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9.30 – 10.30am

Yoga Pilates

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9.30 – 10.30am

Strong Yoga Body

 Yoga Pilates

This innovative and inspiring class combines the best of yoga, pilates and functional movement for core and postural strength and stability.

Mindful Yoga – Stretch and Restore

This class incorporates meditation, breath work and brings mindful awareness to your yoga practice, transforming movement into a form of meditation.  We focus on paying full attention to the body, breath and thoughts throughout the class, staying curious and open during this more restorative practice that includes releasing muscular tension and supported postures.

Strong Yoga Body Series

This class is designed to build full-body strength and a steady, focused mind. Light weights are integrated with yoga postures and pilates-style movements to tone muscles, improve strength and create greater awareness of alignment in your body. This class will help to boost your mood and  energise the body. 

Class Fees

  • 4 week class block – $100 ($25 per class)
  • Single Class Pass – $30

About Your Teacher

Michelle Seelig is a Mind Body Practitioner who uses evidence-based practices to support your wellbeing. She holds a Masters Degree in Art Therapy, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling, a Bachelor of Education in Dance, has extensive experience as a qualified Level 2 Yoga and Meditation Instructor. Her group classes and private sessions take an inclusive, holistic approach, integrating mind-body interventions, yogic philosophy, meditation and pranayama breath control.

“My life continues to be enriched through my own personal yoga and meditation practice. I strive to pass on their riches and rewards by making the practice accessible, enjoyable and rewarding for everyone. There are no barriers to embarking on this path. Everyone can learn these life supporting skills.”

Online Private Yoga and Mindfulness Classes


Michelle offers private individual sessions and private small group sessions.

Work with Michelle one-on-one OR gather a group of friends or family and create your own private class. 

Michelle uses evidence-based practices  to help you move well, improve mood, calm the nervous system, improve concentration and sleep. No previous yoga or meditation experience is necessary.

Classes are tailored to your individual needs.  

What others say about Michelle’s yoga classes…

I have practised yoga with many teachers over a long period of time. Michelle is truly a very special one. Her knowledge, experience and understanding of people and their varying needs means her sessions make a solid difference to one’s mind and body especially in terms of strength, clarity and a calmer disposition. Each session is well planned and constructed so that results simply build over a period of time. 

Nanette M.

This isn’t just any yoga.  On the recommendation of a friend, I’ve been taking Michelle’s classes for a few months now. Whether it is Yoga Pilates, Mindful Yoga or the Strong Body classes, Michelle gently guides you through every movement and it has brought a flexibility and awareness that I haven’t known before. It has also brought a greater appreciation and enjoyment of every day.   A million thanks Michelle.  You are a life saver!

Sue C .

I have attended yoga classes run by Michelle for many years and have the highest regard for her as a yoga teacher.I continue to be very impressed with Michelle’s knowledge, teaching skills, individualised care for students, and her ability in general to tailor the class to the needs and circumstances of the participants. Michelle adopts a holistic approach designed to provide a good balance between the physical, mental focus and relaxation.

John A.

What others say about Michelle’s yoga and art workshops…

It was so great to take time out in a calm, open space to share this journey. I was able to gain insight and a sense of order away from the ‘noise’ and identify what is important to me. It was mentally relaxing and emotionally rewarding.

Carmel J.

This was a space to just be, have fun, create, stretch and grow (literally and figuratively).

Jocasta Norman

This reminded me that i need to do things like this more often. The yoga was so relaxing and the art was fantastic. It was a great way to spend an afternoon clarifying priorities. Michelle is unreal!

Rahnee Karge

Yes. Yes. Yes. This workshop is a doorway to change and I was left feeling brave and ready to create the movement I am seeking in my life. The yoga was great and I loved the art aspect and being able to come away with a creation.

Kerry-Anne Haffern

A wonderful reminder of where to find my own strength and a chance to take time out for myself to re-energise and re-focus. Michelle has a wonderful, giving energy and such a gentle and nurturing way of listening to each person’s heart. Everyone’s journey is respected and handled with acceptance.

Jackie T.

I loved the yoga, the healthy food and the self-discovery. I could identify how to improve aspects of my life and the steps to do so.


I realised that I have no confidence in my creativity because I rarely pay enough attention to it, but I felt safe and supported in reaching out of my comfort zone. Michelle helped me feel brave and go for it.

Mel A.