Client Feedback

Michelle is caring, sensitive and a fantastic mentor. She provides a judgement-free, safe space in which we could identify areas that needed to be addressed. I received guidance and support and strategies that I have utilised many times over in different parts of my life. Michelle is brilliant at what she does!

Sarah R.

Everyone needs a Michelle. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She has incredible skill and talent to help unravel confusion. I came to Michelle feeling stuck and depressed. I found that even after our first session, I was able to start turning things around. I now feel so inspired and positive. Michelle you have a gift, and you are a gift.

Rosa A.

Michelle has had a huge, positive impact on my life. She is always so warm, authentic and supportive, and never once lost focus of what we were trying to achieve. Our sessions brought everything in my life into perspective and I am so much happier and more confident. She is an amazing coach and mentor.

Charlotte B. 

Michelle has a wonderful, giving energy and such a gentle, nurturing way of engaging with people. I hadn’t been able to get clear on my goals and Michelle provided the energetic push and support I needed to get clear and motivated. As a busy mum I loved my sessions.. They provided a space to re-energise and regain focus and I rediscovered where to find my own strength and resolve.

Jackie A.

 When I started working with Michelle I was seeking change, personal growth and a greater sense of fulfilment. I loved how Michelle used yoga and mindfulness tools.  Michelle is inspiring, kind, patient and truly motivating.

Madeline B.

 Michelle has many strings to her bow, so whenever I got stuck she had the tools to help me move forward. Our sessions taught me how to plan and focus effectively on my goals and get real results.  I was able to gain insight and regain a  sense of purpose in my life, despite the busyness that was holding me back.

Lauren K.

Yoga & Mindfulness Students 

Michelle is a very experienced teacher, and tailors her classes to suit all bodies. I have enjoyed and benefitted from them enormously. Thank you Michelle for instilling a sense of calm as I worked from home for over 30 weeks in Melbourne’s lockdown! And thank you for the much needed exercise for my stiff and sore joints and muscles.

Elizabeth Kennedy

I have practised yoga with many teachers over a long period of time. Michelle is truly a very special one. Her knowledge, experience and understanding of people and their varying needs means her sessions make a solid difference to one’s mind and body especially in terms of strength, clarity and a calmer disposition. Each session is well planned and constructed so that results simply build over a period of time

Nanette M.

I have attended yoga classes run by Michelle for many years and have the highest regard for her as a yoga teacher.I continue to be very impressed with Michelle’s knowledge, teaching skills, individualised care for students, and her ability in general to tailor the class to the needs and circumstances of the participants. Michelle adopts a holistic approach designed to provide a good balance between the physical, mental focus and relaxation.

John A.

“Michelle has a beautiful voice and manner. I am enjoying  connecting with myself and find the breathing techniques valuable for calming down.

 Annette G.

recommend the benefits of self awareness offered by Michelle’s classes. I am anxious and go to dark moments however I am now able to recognise these times and use self compassion. I have been reminded of the benefits and learnt the skills to  bring myself back from overthinking.

Elle B.

A big hearted, expert yoga teacher who has the remarkable skill of calming, focusing, and enriching my state of mind. I enjoy the experience of listening and feeling a higher state of consciousness and connectedness.


I enjoy listening to Michelle’s voice, hearing her encouraging words. I’m learning to be kind to myself.

Annie P.

You can feel Michelle’s warmth and kindness through Zoom. The classes help me appreciate myself, acknowledge my positives and calm down. They set me up for the week.

Sharon L.

I haven’t had  a lot of opportunity or space for group activity or self reflection so I cherish every moment of these classes. Thank you for sharing your love and compassion in these sessions.”.

 Melissa L.