Along with a Bachelor of Education In Dance and years of extensive experience as a Fitness Consultant, Michelle is a qualified Level 2 Yoga Instructor who has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 20 years. Her group classes and private yoga sessions take a very holistic approach, integrating not only the physical postures but also yogic philosophy, meditation and pranayama breath control. Including a regular yoga practice into your lifestyle will profoundly improve your sense of  wellbeing. Its benefits are life changing.

These inclusive classes are conducted in a safe, supportive and caring environment in which students are encouraged to focus inward in order to gain insight and personal awareness.

With a background in meditation, dance and fitness, coupled with a strong foundation in Iyengar yoga, Michelle’s focus is on mind/body connection and ensuring that each student is safe and supported. Her teaching places much emphasis on alignment as a mindfulness practice, and she encourages lots of patience and self-compassion on the mat. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies and classes are designed to accomodate the needs and capabilities of the individual.

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“My life continues to be enriched through my own personal yoga practice. I strive to pass on my love of the practice and its rewards by making yoga accessible, enjoyable and rewarding for everyone. Age, strength or flexibility are not barriers to embarking on this path. Every seasoned yogi was once a beginner.”